Conditions for a complaint

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Conditions for a complaint

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Conditions for a complaint

* This section may be made only complaint against a player or GM. Complaints against moderators can be posted at the Complaint against the moderators
* Do not post the "Complaint" any discontent. For this section there are Others (as in Diverse), and the technical nature of problems (problems connecting with the game graphics, etc..) Posting in the Technical Issues (Aspecte Tehnice)
* Those who want to express their dissatisfaction about the suspend / ban have the Banned Section. (Banati)
* A complaint is initiated by the "injured party". Not lawyers or support positions on behalf of others. Exceptions are only complaints made by moderators.
* Any complaint will be posted within 7 days of the incident. Otherwise it will not be taken into account.
* The title will include the name of the post against which the complaint + rule was violated without further clarification. Ex Gogutza - ks.
* Will post only parties directly involved in the complaint and moderators. Any complaint is accompanied by pictures, otherwise would be considered unfounded and can be punished with suspend.
* Photos used to make a complaint can be charged on:

The characters that are suspended: you find them in SUSPEND LIST

Correct format of a complaint is:
Title: The against whom the complaint is posted right + violated
Content : link / links that picture / pictures that support your complaint (read models of post). It will use a sufficient number of pictures to demonstrate that the complaint is founded. 4 If pictures are sufficient for the complaint to be founded, we will restrict to the 4. You can specify as your pictures (if necessary) and we will post those and only if the moderator will ask the complainant to resolve this.
It will only post comments in a situation where they are relevant and help to resolve the complaint.

* Model Complaining language!
To insult:
You will need to have the entire conversation in full F4, so it can be easily seen if it was provoced or not.
Insults can be challenged only by the person insulted.
For swearing / vulgar language:
Indecent language and swear words expressed in normal chat and can be challenged by other people than that are addressed.
Swear words are punishable whether express or abbreviated.
Swear words, vulgar language may not be caused. For such complaints is NOT required to post pictures in full screen F4.
It is obligatory picture of F4 in full screen if scurrilous abbreviated.
Language addressed to the administrator / server / admin namely a:
Any type of language to the administrator / server / admin of the NO may be caused. For such complaints is NOT required to post pictures in full screen F4.

* Model Complaint name / name guild!
Will post a picture in which to see the name / guild

* Model Complaint knowing an Admin!
Will post screen shot with the F4-in full screen, which demonstrate that the person has said / is insinuating that he is an Admin and tried to steal an advantage or threatened with it. Will post ALL the discussion.

* Model Complaint threat to other players or pretends that it is Game Master!
Will post screen shot with the F4-in full screen, which demonstrate that the person has threatened another player or is claimed as Game Master. Will post ALL the relevant discussions, so as to be a complete discussion (not missing passages).

* Model Complaint Scam!
Will post the entire conversation (with F4 in full screen) and pictures that prove that the trade was made. The discussion should include data about the trade to be done confimarea by both parties regarding the conduct of good progress.
Will only consider complaints about the scam sites to trade items.

* Complaint Model KS on spot!
1. A Screen shot made when the plaintiff is one spot (or party).
2. At least two screen-shot with the claim (which is the KS) in action - to see how strikes - (at least 2 minutes).
It is not compulsory
I advise you to make screenshot every time you catch a spot and you want to stay there a long time.
Additionally, in close connection with the pct6 Regulation Linkmania not accept the use of macro or tousle for automatic responses. If any question, the answer is the same for a period of 5 minutes and is repeated at least 7 times, can continue the procedure for taking spot up to 5 minutes.

* Model Complaint at KS golden!
1. Screen shot made when the plaintiff is with a golden (or party).
2. Screen shot to complain (at which KS) in action.
If a player is killed by the Golden loses the right of "first come" to Golden.
A player (party) can not attack two or more golden simultaneously.

* Model Complaint PK on spot!
1. A Screen shot made when the plaintiff is at one spot (or party).
2. Screenshot made in the time of death. It must still write the name of the top left that made pk.
Do not apply when the status of the one who kills does not change (the Murderer is killed or who kills selfdefence are enabled).
Applies only to the PK-mails or drop spot.
PK will be caused only situation in which that killing was insulted very badly
PK in the arena is not punished.

* Model Complaint at Golden PK!
1. Screen shot made when the plaintiff is one golden (or party)
2. Screenshot made in the time of death / after death. It must still write the name of the top left that made pk.

* Model Complaint advertise on other servers!
Will post screen shot show discussion to demonstrate that it is advertising, not a mere reference to another server. (F4 on the full screen)

* Model Complaint standing next party - Arena!
1. A Screen shot made when the plaintiff is one spot (or party).
2. 2 screen shots to within 5 minutes with the mouse on the stationary character.
Will post and talk with ALL F4
Must be at least 3 explicit request from a member of the party to leave the spot. (explicit request = recipient "station not" go "go away", etc.)

* Model Complaint Entry level below the minimum - Arena!
A screen shot to demonstrate character in this arena.
A screen shot with the level at a distance of up to 5 minutes.

The page you have a button [choose] one [host it!]
to upload a picture, follow the following steps:
1. Click on [choose] and choose the picture (usually in the game directory)
2. Click on [host it!]. Picture will be put on the host. have patience, the type of load is depending on size photo.
3. upload is complete, will open the page with the address to the picture.
4. copy the address in the "Direct link to image" and put it in your post.

follow steps 1-4 as necessary.

- Resizing images too large for the site --

1. open the picture in Paint
2. save as a JPG (KB decrease in size about one quarter)

1. click and choose select image
2. Click on image upload
3. on the next page you make changes
4. click Resize
Repeat steps 3-4 until you find settings

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